Turning Technologies License

Install on a university-owned computer

TurningPoint Cloud gives instructors the option of allowing students to use a clicker or a smartphone as their response device. Clickers that students may have previously purchased are compatible with the new system. However, faculty and students will have to create a Turning Account in order to use TurningPoint Cloud. Students will also need to purchase a license code for their Turning Account in order for their clicker or smart phone to properly function. A one year, individual TurningPoint license code can be purchased at the bookstore for approximately $28. In addition, Barnes and Nobles will be selling clickers bundled with a one-year license code for approximately $55.

Faculty who plan to use Turning Technologies clickers or the smart phone app should contact the bookstore to ensure that they will have adequate supplies of clickers and license codes for students to purchase.

Computers must be using an English version of Windows and PowerPoint for TurningPoint Cloud to function properly.

The ResponseCard NXT is the clicker to use with this software at Mississippi State University.

To ensure the Turning Technology software you install is compatible with the MSU classroom environment use the software downloads from this site. If you have any questions regarding Turning Technology software contact the ITS Help Desk or go to

Legal Requirements:

  • Only active faculty and staff at Mississippi State University are permitted to obtain this software.
  • Faculty and staff are required to remove the software when no longer affiliated with the University.
  • PDF IconView End User License Agreement

Download TurningPoint Desktop (Windows - Install version) (User Guide)
Download TurningPoint Desktop (Windows - No Install version) (User Guide)
Download TurningPoint Desktop (Mac) (User Guide)